L'Atelier & Beyond 1


Studio is located in an authentic carpentry workshop, rough and irregular parquet floor, rough walls with
peeling paint, daylight from 14 meters side windows, north exposure.

Ceiling height 3,20m

Space of 80m2 is equipped with battery powered monoblocks, tripod, electrical extension
cords, softboxes, reflectors and small accessories:
- 1 Flash 1000 W Hot Sync
- 2 Classic 1000 W Flashes
- 1 Flash 500 W Hot Sync
- 1 Classic 500W Flash
- a micro-B / usb tethertool cable 3 of 4,60m (15 ')
- a tethertool extender 4,60m (15 ')

Continuous light:
- 4 lamp of 800 W (without variator) + 4 barndoors

- WIFI connection
- A make up space
- Separate toilets
- Clothes rack
- Hair dryer
- Hair straightener
- Portable steamer
- Objects for culinary styling (contact us)

For your comfort:
- Bluetooth speaker
- 2 microwaves
- 2 sinks
- 1 electric stove (4 burners + 1 oven)
- 1 refrigerator
- 1 coffee machine / 1 kettle
- Charging cables for mobile phones

In addition can be rented:
- Benq 27" screen for viewing images

Cancellation: Non-modifiable, non-refundable booking.


Floor area: 80 m2

Ceiling height: 3,2 m


It's possible to shoot with natural light inside of the studio thanks to windows.

Event organisation

It's possible to organize castings, seminars, masterclasses.


Beauty Dish

Beauty dish produces light which is both focused and soft. This is one of the most popular accessories during fashion style shootings.

Continuous light

Continuous light sources let see the light as captured, and can be necessary for video production.

Turbo wind machine

The constant and natural wind flow creates a unique effect on your photos.

Battery powered monoblock

Designed to be portable, this monolight can run on battery or AC power.


Softboxes produce diffused soft light.


Paper background

Rough peeling paint


Vinil background


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Carole Arribat

Sublime endroit, une lumière extraordinaire et un accueil au top par la propriétaire du studio.

Charly Ho

Un studio exceptionnel. Merci Karine pour la bienveillance et l'efficacité.

Aurélie Dejoie

Un studio parfait pour shooting interview et portrait en lumière exclusive naturelle et endroit privé pour toute production en plein Paris près de Bastille.

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If you have any questions, please contact us and we will reply.


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