Plateau SHAPES de Shapes


le studio Notre espace est entièrement modulable et très lumineux. Nos équipes sont reconnues pour leur maitrise de l’éclairage et leur connaissance du matériel de studio. Le studio Shapes propose du matériel sur place et à la location (tarifs préférentiels). Nous disposons de l’intégralité des fonds papier de couleur Colorama. Un assistant peut être mis à votre disposition pour vous épauler pendant votre shooting.

Cancellation: Non-modifiable, non-refundable booking.


Floor area: m2

Ceiling height: 100 m


It's possible to shoot with natural light inside of the studio thanks to windows.

Event organisation

It's possible to organize castings, seminars, masterclasses.


Power Pack

Power pack greatly increases times of flashes, reduces recycle time.


Monobloc (monolight) is studio flash, which allows the fitting of light modification attachments such as umbrellas, softboxes and others.

Beauty Dish

Beauty dish produces light which is both focused and soft. This is one of the most popular accessories during fashion style shootings.

Continuous light

Continuous light sources let see the light as captured, and can be necessary for video production.

Turbo wind machine

The constant and natural wind flow creates a unique effect on your photos.

Battery powered monoblock

Designed to be portable, this monolight can run on battery or AC power.


Softboxes produce diffused soft light.


Stripbox is soft directed source of light. Resembles design of a softbox, but with more stretched proportions (30–40 cm wide).


Paper background


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