Plateau Pantograph

Plateau Plateau Pantograph de Studio Atelier Fabrique
Plateau Plateau Pantograph de Studio Atelier Fabrique
Plateau Plateau Pantograph de Studio Atelier Fabrique



- Jauge: 3-4 personnes
- 3,4m par 11m 3m sous plafond partie la plus haute
- Potentiel de recul : 6 m
- Autopole avec 2 fonds papier (Blanc et gris) de 2,7m de large
- Flashs sur rails et pantographes (4 emplacements)
- 8 prises 16 Amperes
- Lumière occultable

MATERIEL inclus dans la location

- 2 flashs multiblitz X10 – 1000 Joules (monture V)
- 1 flash Multiblitz Profilux plus - 400 Joules (Monture P)
- 4 emplacements sur pantographes
- 1 Softbox 40*50cm, 1 snoot + nid d'abeille 10cm, réflecteur telezoom 50° (25cm) avec filtre blanc - Monture P
- 1 réflecteur long focuss telezoom 45° (34cm) avec 3 différents nid d'abeilles, Soft box 50x70cm - Monture V
- 1 déclencheur radio Multiblitz
- Cuisine équipée (Café - thé)
- Enceinte Bluetooth


- Autres fonds papier Fond papier 2,7m de large / Couleurs disponibles : Noir, blanc, bleu, rouge, vert, gris. 15 € TTC le mètre déroulé au sol
- Possibilité de rajout de flashs Profoto, trépieds et autres modeleurs.
- Nombreux objets, tenues et accessoires

Cancellation: GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR RENT PREAMBLE The ATELIER FABRIQUE company specialized in the field of cinematographic films, photography, graphic images, videos, clips and television programs, is intended for the rental of its premises and photographic equipment and old and second-hand accessories, creations from our creative partners and stylists, as well as the realization of photographic services such as the book, portrait, pack shot product and workshop. Rental activity is subject to these terms and cond


Floor area: 37 m2

Ceiling height: 3 m


It's possible to shoot with natural light inside of the studio thanks to windows.


Power Pack

Power pack greatly increases times of flashes, reduces recycle time.


Monobloc (monolight) is studio flash, which allows the fitting of light modification attachments such as umbrellas, softboxes and others.

Beauty Dish

Beauty dish produces light which is both focused and soft. This is one of the most popular accessories during fashion style shootings.

Continuous light

Continuous light sources let see the light as captured, and can be necessary for video production.

Turbo wind machine

The constant and natural wind flow creates a unique effect on your photos.


Softboxes produce diffused soft light.


Paper background


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