2P Production Studio

Studio photo 2P Production Studio
Studio photo 2P Production Studio
Studio photo 2P Production Studio
Studio photo 2P Production Studio
Studio photo 2P Production Studio
Studio photo 2P Production Studio
Studio photo 2P Production Studio
Studio photo 2P Production Studio


A Studio Photo close to Paris... The studio is located 200m from the metro line 7 Mairie d'Ivry. The studiowelcomes you for your shots in its space of 250 m2 dedicated to audio-visual production.

The main space has a surface of 40m ² with Cyclo : green fabric chromakey, white, black ... (2.72x11) and 8 meters of recoil. Ideal for your photo shoots (portraits, full foot - magazine press). Equipped with a HSP lighting grid of 3m50, led projectors type "Litepanels" bi-color 3200k-5600k, Fresnel, Rima, daylight occultable, acoustic treatment.

At your disposal, a large kitchen, an espresso coffee grinder, a lounge for the reception of your guests, an outdoor relaxation area for smokers, a make-up room, connected speaker, WiFi access ... Eating and catering nearby.

You'll find everything you need to make your productions successful in a "home-like" atmosphere.

4 Flicker-free / Fresnel 500 / Rima Led Floodlights
Background fabric white, black, green
Reflector / Diffuser / Color Filters
Fan / Feet Photo ...

Rental of additional equipment on site or at a service provider nearby, assistant (optional)

+ 25% saturday
+ 40% Sunday and public holidays

Hourly count at the actual release of the studio (including storage of the set).

Cancellation: Non-modifiable, non-refundable booking.


Floor area: 40 m2

Ceiling height: 3,5 m

Spaces: 1


It's possible to shoot with natural light inside of the studio thanks to windows.

Event organisation

It's possible to organize castings, seminars, masterclasses.

Degressive pricing

The price decreases as the rental duration increases.


Plateau 124

Starting from €75

Book now


Make-up room

Separeted place for make-up.


Internet connection via WiFi.

Coffee Machine

It's possible to take a cup of coffee.

Paid parking

Paid parking avaliable near studio.

Free parking

Free parking avaliable.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning improve the comfort of occupants of studio.

Equipement rental

Additional equipement are avaliable for rent.


Kitchen for cooking and food preparation.


It's possible to take a shower during shooting.

Hair dryer

It's possible to dry hair in the studio.

Hair straightener

Make the hair straight.


Easily remove creases on clothes.

Bluetooth speaker

Wireless speakers are the best way to enjoy your music during the shooting.


Continuous light

Continuous light sources let see the light as captured, and can be necessary for video production.

Turbo wind machine

The constant and natural wind flow creates a unique effect on your photos.


Softboxes produce diffused soft light.


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