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Studio photo L'Atelier & Beyond

L'Atelier & Beyond

Starting from €80 incl VAT

Studio is located in an authentic carpentry workshop, rough and irregular parquet floor, rough walls with peeling paint, daylight from 14 meters side windows, north exposure.

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Studio photo Five Monkeys

Five Monkeys

Starting from €78 incl VAT

D’une surface total de 104 m², le studio Five Monkeys est constitué d’un plateau de prise de vue de 60m², d’une hauteur sous plafond de 7,50 m

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Studio photo Red Art Studio

Red Art Studio

Starting from €60 incl VAT

Studio atypique, style industriel, 80m2 de surface et 3m10 de hauteur sous plafond Mur du fond en acier rouillé

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Studio photo Studio Starcréation

Studio Starcréation

Starting from €55 incl VAT

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Studio photo Studio258


Starting from €170 incl VAT

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Studio photo 2P Production Studio

2P Production Studio

Starting from €75 incl VAT

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Studio photo Studio Atelier Fabrique

Studio Atelier Fabrique

Starting from €33 incl VAT

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Studio photo Proframe Studio

Proframe Studio

Starting from €35 incl VAT

Situé en plein cœur du 11ème arrondissement de Paris, le studio PROFRAME dispose d'une surface de 40m2 (25m2 utiles) équipée d'un cyclo 2,72m et des touts derniers flashs Profoto D2 et leurs accessoires.

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Our team consists of creative people who want to achieve their goals without wasting their time. We want to develop our creativity. That's why we created the Astudium website.

We all want to make photos, videos, create amazing things, instead of wasting time searching for information on the internet. With Astudium, you can quickly find a studio for your project which meets your needs. You can find small studios for small projects as well as larger studios with several spaces for more ambitious projects to accommodate a large team and various equipment.

Our clients range from larger teams of ten or more people, comprised of producer, director, operator, photographer, makeup artists and models, to smaller teams consisting only of a photographer and model.

Looking for a photo or video studio in Paris? Astudium is the platform you need! Do you often waste your time searching for contacts and calling to find out studio availabilities? All this is over! Simply find a studio on our site, select a time, book and pay online! You will receive a confirmation e-mail right away with information on your reservation.

You can check the calendar for availability of each studio in real time. If your favorite studio is unavailable, you can choose another one.

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